I am a professional user and using the best quality printing machine for printing the documents. I am dedicatedly working on my printing machine for the last three years. I have good experience of using all the functions of printing machine, so I have good hands at my printing machine. While printing process, I am passing through printer driver unavailable error. I donít know exactly about this issue. I am experiencing this error first time, so I am not able to recognize it. I think that this error takes places when the printer driver against the printing machine in the computer system is either not compatible or an outdated. This technical problem actually means that the outdated or corrupted driver is installed in my personal computer. When I give a printing command from my computer system, my system fails to recognize it correctly. Due to occurrence of printer driver unavailable error, my printing machine is refusing to print the documents. My printing machine is passing through some technical faults, so it is not responding properly. I am applying my techniques to come out from this technical problem, but I am failing to solve it rightly. What must I do for this error? I donít have much more experience to resolve it. So I want to take expertís guidance. Could anyone assist me to share the best ways to solve printer driver unavailable issue?