*********2014 schedule************
all dates are subject to change....
Call Leroy 316-250-7386 for any questions.....

March 29--TNT

April 12--TNT and Race

May 10--TNT and Race
June 21--TNT and Race

**July 4&5--TNT and Race both days---(Possibly a BBQ also--working on details)

August 16--TNT and Race

September 13--TNT and Race

**October 10&11--TNT and Race both days

**Big money races
$50.00 entry Brackets, Pro 1 and Pro 2
$75.00 Entry Heads up--0-425, 0-525, and so on
1 buy back for 1/2 the entry price..

Regular races--Friday TNT $10.00 4-Dark--approx. 3.5 hours
Saturday--TNT 11-2, Race 3-Dark
Pro1--4.49 and faster $30.00
Pro2--4.50 and slower $30.00

Heads up class


Trophy class Brackets--$25.00

Hope to see all the old faces and lots of new faces!!!!!
Holeshot staff