So I started this build 15 years ago with a brand new 05 Banshee and what started as a trail machine. It has since evolved into a full asphalt drag setup. I kept the engine bone stock and bracket raced it up until 2 years ago, when sadly the poor thing finally wore out. It simply just had too much wear on the internals. I put a new crank and OEM pistons back in. Bored .010 over and had D&D's mild port and deck the head .020. I have T6's and V force 3's with a dyna programmable ignition, but it was a stock bike for 13 years, so now I'm wondering what to do with the exhaust. Dale told me the pipes will work, but the stinger end of the head pipe should be larger diameter. Anyone know any about this? I hate to cut up the chrome pipes to find out.