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1/8th mile slip 250R

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OK, so it is not perfect but will do for now. I had a heck of a time trying to dial in Dana's 250R on asphalt. That short wheelbase sucker with a torque monster single was bucking all over the place. First 2 passes almost bounced her off. We got to make 5 passes all together, and the last one I had a lot of clutch out of it. We're going to put a little more gear and work with the suspension some more, but it will run 6's without a problem for sure.

60ft 1.59

330ft 4.48

1/8th mile 7.09

Speed 93.34mph

That speed in the 1/8th for a gas single is moving!

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Pretty Damn Fast......
Nice that bike runs I know it impress alot of people at the bhq ride

I hope that the zilla will hang we will have to line them up next year
OK, went to the last T&T day of the year yesterday. I need a longer swinger on that 250R. If I lighten up the clutch too much it will slip going down track and never lock in. So a longer swinger would keep it from bucking badly. I put more gear in it, and it liked that. I know it could be another .1 faster than this, but a great finish for the year.

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