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21x12x8 skat-trac 8 paddle extremes

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I just got these. There not on wheels yet and they don't look very big at all. They say 66 RO on the side but they look to be the same height as my 20x10x10 haulers that there're replacing, just wider.

Is a 66" RO on the small side for a 21x12x8 tire? Or is that average? There're a Nanco carcass reg buff.
Once I get them mounted and air in them will they grow that much more in diameter? Right now comparing them side by side they look just like the 20x10x10's.
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most 22' tires are a 72 roll out...
Why would you go with 21's they will be a in taller.
Most 20" pddles are 66 to 68 ro.... I have a set of 20x10x8 10pddle they are 68ro
That's about right for an 8 paddle. A 10 paddle will have a slightly larger RO They will grow quite a bit with air and on a narrow rim. Make sure you dont use like a 9" wide wheel. I'd use a 6 or 7 if you have them. The older Nankang carcass tires are usually pretty light. I have a set of old 22" 8 paddles my wifes been running for years.
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