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397 Cub runs 3.58

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This is old news from a couple of months ago, but I don't see where anyone has talked about it so I'll mention it. Jason Menz ran a 3.58 at Bonne Terre, MO. Congrats.
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Ya i heard about that run....thats insaine.....congrats
if that small of a motor will run those times why are peep's building motors 2 times the cc and running slower?

good job.
wow that is crazy, congrats on that run. wonder how much R&D time along with money was invested...
Lots of R&D I'm sure, but probably not as much money as you'd think. He built the motor and chassis himself.
thats quite the accomplishment.

id say it was dedication that got it to that time. instead of giving up after the first 3 times out and building bigger!

love to see pics of the bike. !
That is awesome! I hadn't heard about this. Congrats Jason!
the attention to detail of making the bike as light as possible, and countless hours on the dyno(that he built himself using dynojet software). he is not scared to try anything different........he also had a blaster that ran 4.2s................
There is a picture of the bike at rdz website, under records.
That's crazy fast. Cool to see a guy doi his own chassis and motor and be the fastest. Or maybe its an RDZ motor since its on there??
not an rdz motor at all....jason did all of his own work. his goal for this bike was to win the 0-400 class. he did that and more at the east coast planet sand race winning all classes from 0-550cc.
according to the ticket he did not win

something doesnt seem right....guess he was running one of those bigger motors that come alive at half track
simple........gave up 3 tenths on the tree and had to play catchup......the other bike had 2mph on the cub also.
From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: 397cc record update

Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 10:10:04 -0400

This is the latest update on the 397 it has a backup pass within a 1 percent on the same day. Thanks Jason Menz


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That chassie looks real wouldnt hold up at many tracks i dont think..but for sure a super fast set up..great job!
wow thats a 60ft'n MO FO!

talk about bare bones! good job..!!

buiilt his own dyno?
I would like to know how heavy he is also, gives me hope of getting into the 3's with my 421.
Are those RDZ pipes or somethin. Looks like RDZ is takin credit for those times.
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