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4.25 stock cylinder 361cc pass

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This is my personal best on this bike so far, it has been pretty consistant in the 4.3s but on this day it ran 3 passes in the 4.2's in a row at bobs family raceway. This slip im going to borrow from badassbanshee479, hope he doesnt mind lol. I just happened to come across it while searching the site. I was the guy in the other lane. Anyway I have to see if I can dig up the back up slips. The bike is a 361cc stock cylinder, stock stroke, 65.25 bore drag ported by rb porting. He does excellent work at unbeatable prices. It is a stock stretched frame +7 in the front and +8 in the back. Engine also had a dyna, dd lockup, 1-5 override and 40mm alky carbs running 16 paddle staggered extremes. If we could just get the 60ft times down, it might be one step closer to the magic 3's. If we dont get there at the hopper shootout I may just have to throw in some big bore sleeves and a 4mil over the winter!


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good times ... good lookin bike aswell
Thanks, I finally dug up a couple other slips but I still cant find the ones from that same day.


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ever try a lil less tire? must be a lil guy riding it also!. and people say that stock cylinders are slow BUHAA!
those bikes are closly matched.

you ate his lunch at the light though,lol!!

looks like a strong runner for sure.
Very good times for stock cylinders ported.. Foxgirl was running close or right at those times with her stock cylinder drag ported Banshee. Either way damn good ET times for what it is.
nice times! wow that seems like alot of tire for a stock stroke stock cylinder, but with those times i guess im wrong.. haha
awsome!!!!! times for stocker! do u have any slips from wmsd or ionia
Very good times. Robert has done my last 3 motors. Good guy! He actually has my 370 right now.
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Thanks alot fellas! We have tried 72 ro 10 paddles extremes as well as 72 ro 12 paddle extremes and the 78 ro 16 paddle staggereds. The bike was using the same setup and rider (150lbs) for all the slips and ending in 5th gear. The first and most recent slip was with the 16's leaving in 1st with a bar at bobs. The next slip was from wmsd using the 10's and leaving in 2nd without a bar, I didnt quite have it made yet. The rest are at bobs with a bar and the 12's. I only made it to ionia once, at the last race of the year (hopper shoot out) and got there so late I was only able to make 2-3 passes with the best being in the 4.34 range but that track hooked like no other ive been on and cant wait to try some new gearing and tunning on it this season! I was hoping to at the very least, throw in a 4mil this year but money is tight as usuall and looks like im going to have to settle for tunning again and maybe some new domes. If im real lucky, ill finally at least be able to make it to robs for some dyno tunning instead of seat of the pants, lol!
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Good looking bike..those times are impressive for such a small motor..I would like to see what it would run w/14 pdl stagrd extreme 75-76 roll-out..16 's seem a bit much 4-ur build,but you do have a light jockey.
Finally made it out to the track for the first time in about 3 years with a little different setup last friday for tnt at slsd. Of course it had to be a record setting day for the heat, I heard it made it 102 degrees! Anyway I threw a 4mil crank in on pretty much the same setup but cut it all into the domes and now im running a stock link setup and shock on the rear instead of a strut so I can run in the dunes so I wasnt able to run a bar. Oh yeah I also put on a few pounds over the years, im at 185+ instead of 150+ lol and went back to the 12 paddles for fear of flipping over without the wheelie bar. Now that the excuses are out of the way I was still able to match my best times at this track with a best of a 4.3 flat! First run off the trailer was next to morse250r at 4.5ish taking off in 1st not sure how the track was going to hook. Next pass I took off in second, almost 4.4 flat. Next pass I dropped air pressure in the tires from about 14lbs to 5lbs, just guessing cause I did it while I waited in line and ran a 4.3 flat against buddy H. anybody know what motor hes running, bike was stretched a mile!! Next pass I tried curve 1 instead of the stock curve on the dyna and ran a 4.38. Last pass I tried curve 3 and ran 4.31. All with the plate on 0 because on memorial weekend when I first cut the domes on the 4mil I used 17cc domes and only cut them to about .120 deep in just the squish band area, nothing from the dome area which gave me 210lbs of compression and backed the plugs out even though I backed the timing down to zero from +8 previously without the 4mil (approx. 170psi). Now im back to about 160 psi cause I recut them another .100" into the some area. Needless to say I cant wait to get back out there on a cooler day and see what it does. Im also thinking of playing with the lockup to see if I can get the 60' times down cause im currently at 1.6's with just barely into the 1.58 range at best. I think I may have a few ideas up my sleeve with all the lockup talk lately! Holy [censored], I ramble on alot!!!!
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i also heard from a few guys there the track was about 2 tenths slower than usual
thats some awesome times....congrats.
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