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Sky Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

This is how shee sat until i went full drag. I played around with all kinds of setups.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

This is the day i went full drag. I put some drag tires on the back and hit the drag strip. I went 13.3 @ 95 mph. I was hooked.
Building Vehicle Automotive tire Bicycle tire Bicycle part

I had to go faster so i stripped her down, and lightened her a bit.

Automotive fuel system Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting Gas

This was a good motor but not fast enough. I sold off the stockers.
Hood Wire Electric blue Plastic Personal protective equipment

The bike needed a little face lift.
Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Asphalt Gas

39's and some big bowls, runnen VP112

Automotive fuel system Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

Its a FAST 421 cub.
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Alloy wheel

Gotta have that lockup and an override tranny, 1-4 manual 5th & 6th duneable.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive lighting

+10 swinger struted with shorty drag shocks up front.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Finally got her runnen.
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Sky Car

I had to test it out, and since this other dude was scared to run his drag bike I raced my buddies STI.
Actually, the guy calling the race is the one who pussed out. He never brought his bike, but had to see mine run.
Automotive parking light Wheel Car Tire Vehicle

Another pic from that day. He and I just did some serious work to his car so we are gonna have to run that again. (bigger turbo, meth kit, big top mount int., cold air intake, up/down pipes, injectors, exturnal waste gate, blow off valve, and some other stuff. It now makes 370 HP.
Wheel Tire Helmet Automotive tire Car

An action shot.I have video on youtube of the race. Search Drag banshee and you will find it.


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Thanks Jose, good luck on your sale.
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