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65 Hp Cannondale

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This is my bike. Makes 65/40 on gas. I run 500ft dirt drags on it. It runs 5.8s which is right there with the big banshees.

Ive never ran 300ft but i plan too soon. Maybe at atvdrags llc in WV.

Here is a pic of the bike and a dyno chart for all of the naysayers.


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that tihng looks sweet, never seen a cannondale done up before, nice build man.
Very nice quad speed1B, Is this the 505cc?
You need to run a 300ft track with a little gearing change from 500ft you should be in the very low 4's. I hope to see it run one day.
very nice!
Yeah its a 505 now. I ditched the falicon for tims 6 mil crank.

I would really like to make a trip to the south/central west to run with some of the elite bikes but have no idea on a set-up for paddles. All we run on here are hard clay tracks and either use radials or screws. I have no idea on how much tire/paddle and if my rear suspension set-up would have to change much. It would be no different for one of the southern bikes to come up here abd tryin to run our tracks. Its just 2 different worlds.
I would say 22X11X8, 14 paddle extremes and as for gearing it depends on what kind of sand. I would run what you have on the bike now then possibly go one tooth up on the rear. You have a lot of torque so there should be only small changes.
Sweet ride.... My buddy is building a turbo dale.... he has posted up on cannondaleriders about it... should be a neat bike too when he gets it done....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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