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So we decided to have a crazy idea of going to Glamis during August
Thanks Morgan :banana:

When I got there around 6:30pm, it was still 102*.... frickin hot!

Lots of great racing..... some ridiculously fast four strokes and Banshees.... going 90+mph up a steep sand hill is crazy in my mind :rockon:

DL's bike ran GREAT, I think he pulled 51mph up olds which is awesome for the little work it has done. He actually hurt several Banshee's feelings

We were chasing problems on mine all night, got it some what sorted out.... and by the end of the night my problem was traction
And for now I'm not playing with any more E85 until I get it on the dyno.

Racers edge couldn't get out their new bad [censored] "big" bike, but had a nasty 450 chassis bike, not sure if it was on nitro or not? Smelt like it.

Well anywho is a vid I threw together real fast, not the best shots due to night time. But it was cool, they plowed all the whoops out of the hill, and set up some big lights to light it up for the drag bikes.
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