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Alky Prices

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I just picked up a 55-gal drum of alky at my local bulk outlet for $216 , what are some others paying everywhere else ?
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I am paying $3.5 a gallon here in kansas city, ks
man, you got me beat by almost .50 a gal., I thought it was on the high side, but compared to $14 a gal. C16, I guess it's still not all that bad at around $4
well don't know about in 55 gal , but it is $7 gal here
I payed $182 total for a drum yesterday.
I paid 180 for my drum

last yr I paid 160.. From what I was told the prices jumped because they import them from Argentina or something like that. So its the delivery that increased not the actual price of the alky. could just be my distributor though.
wtf thats bs... its 7.33 a gallon here for the 5gallon cans. i called and a 54 gallon drum was well over 300 bucks! plus a 20 dollar drum charge. and you bet you @$$ thats you go and pick it up!

And you guys are getting VP M1?
I can't afford M1.. I dont even know who makes the stuff I get.. It just says "methanol". lol
i have only found one place in San Diego that sells alky. You would think that with how big this city is we would have places all over.
we have to get ours over at the go Kart shops..
its 150 bucks for 55 gals at the local drag strip by me or you can get it for 3.13 a gal there to
QUOTE (badassbanshee479 @ Aug 2 2008, 12:47 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=7289its 150 bucks for 55 gals at the local drag strip by me or you can get it for 3.13 a gal there to
where do you get it at in michigan?
man this post makes me hate cali more and more!
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that is correct dave, milsn drag way sells it cheap!!! its exit 25 on us 23
I buy methyl hydrate at the hardware store aboute 6 bucks a gallon !
Yes its the same price as high octane fuel exceppt it burns twice as much twice as fast ! lol
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