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I will be removing some of the Skins, as they make upgrading the site a big task. Don't fret this shouldn't effect you at all.

The Skins that will be removed are all of the "NO SHOUTBOX" Skins. this isn't an issue for most and to those that use those skins because you don't want to see the shoubox, all you have to do is click the small X is the upper right hand corner of the shoutbox and you will not see it anymore. It remembers that you don't want to see it so every time you login it will be minimized.

I will be updating the site and upgrading our server in the next month, you will not know that it is going on, but you will be pleasantly surprised when it's finished, Allot more features and Member tools to help you share videos and pictures, I think you will really like what we have planned for the future of this site. I am fully committed to making this site the Best ATV drag racing site on the web. Best of all it will always be free for its members.


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