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Any Fight Fans out there??

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Just got done watching the WEC fight, first one...Rob McCullough against...well, I don't know.
Crap fight. Main card should be good...Uriah Faber vs. Jens Pulver...
Two more fights to go to get to it. I know Brady080 is a MMC fan...any others on the site?
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Finally...a main event that led up to the media, the hype...etc.
IMO...Faber vs. Pulver might be one of the best fights ever in MMA...glad I stayed up late to watch and didn't get a total yawn of a fight.
blah blah blah boring boring boring....this card is boring!
Tough man to please....LOL.
I thought the two championship bouts were awesome....Faber and Torres were great. Too bad Maeda couldn't carry on...that might've been 2 more rounds of entertainment...but his eye was gone...big time.

Shannon...did you actually watch the fights??
All my buddys went to high school with Faber. He has a big gym here where i live. I have never seen heavy hands like that from Urjiah. AWESOME! Pulver can sure take a shot for sure! We were going to go to the fight, but tix were insane expensive! They actually opened up more seats in nose bleed for $35 but you can see much better on TV! The good tickets were going for $600-800 each! was nice it was on Versus for free, and I've watched his last 8 or 9 fights. I don't think anyone knew he has that heavy of hands, especially Pulver. I have to give it to both of them. No trash talk, big time respect...just an all out war.

Anyone can win on any given day, that's the main draw of the MMA world, but barring a BIG mistake, I don't see anyone coming along and dethroning Faber any time soon.
to bad the Miguel Torres and Yoshiro Maeda fight got stopped cause that was awesome

Pulver and Faber was a great fight aswell.....Pulver is just beat down in general and even at 33 he is past his prime. he took a hell of a beating and didn't stop but thats probly why he is so slow reacting. i have seen all of his fights and let me tell you he is not like he was in the past.

if Faber wants to really test himself then he needs to do what Pulver did years ago and move up to 155 and fight in the big show. i would love to see Faber fight Sean Sherk and maybe even BJ Penn....Zuffa owns the UFC and WEC so maybe its time for Faber to move up. i know he is the WEC's posterboy but the WEC is used mostly as a stepping stone to the UFC....or he can make his career out of beating "has beens" and "nobodies"..........if he ever wants to avenge his loss with Tyson Grffin then he is going to have to move up to 155.

i don't meen to sound negative but the guy is extremely full of himself and acts like he is building a dynasty....bottom line the best fighters in the world want to fight the best fighters in the world so they can call themselfs one of the best. he is not going to find them in the WEC at 145lbs.
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I agree...he is building the WEC Brand as just that, the stepping stone.

He is a little cocky...and up until this point, he's rolled through everyone and has the right to be. At least he was very respectful against have to give him that. And it was mutual.

If I had to guess, he'll put another fight or two in at WEC and if he's smart, move to 155 and get in UFC...then really prove himself. Pulver was his best competition so far...and he is past his prime. But he dominated him, no questions about it.

I don't like Faber outside the ring, he is full of himself, etc. But in the ring...he's explosive and innovative, the fact he has a pretty impressive striking game is good to see. I've never seen anyone get tied up with a leg and get a knee to the midsection like he did two fights (maybe 3) ago...that was awesome.

I agree with ya though, he needs to close the WEC chapter and step up. He could put on 10 lbs no problem.....
I thought the Faber vs. Pulver fight was awesome. Man can Pulver take a beating. Guy never gives up and just keeps going. I would much rather watch the welter weights and feather weights than heavy weights.
I wached the fights and loved every minute of it.
if Faber wants to be the best in the world he needs to go after this man.....

BJ has fought in all kinds of weight classes and in open weight fights. including a fight with Machida(the guy who just defeated Tito Ortiz) where he gave Machida all of 50lbs. it was a war and BJ lost a close decision in that fight

i guarentee Faber walks around in the 170's.....all fighters cut weight to fight in smaller weight classes.
look at Matt Hughes...they say he is 200lbs in his off season and gets down to 170s 180s come training time. then dehidrates to 170lbs for weigh in and come fight night he is all of 180's

bottom line dude keeps calling himself best in the world and if he trully believes in himself he needs to step up and fight the best while he is still in his prime.
if faber wants to fight bj penn in the ufc im sure dana white can make it happen. even if they dont weigh the same the person under/over weight can accept or decline the fight. i think faber and penn will happen eventually. no one can handle faber in his weight division and no one can handle penn in his weight division.
i personally think Faber would beat penn. I like BJ and all, but i think Fabers style is alot like GSP's, and that is tuff to beat! Plus Faber is a home town boy, gotta root for him! LOL I just think Faber wrestling skills are awesome, and now we have seen his stand up game. All through high school he was a top wrestler, so even BJ being a world class BJJ black belt, i think faber has got the expierince. And i feel Faber packs a much harder punch, and is a little quicker then Penn. Problem with the 2 fighting is they train together! Urijah went to Hawaii to trai with BJ for this fight.
Faber's explosive fighting vs. Penn's ground game would be a great match.... as said though, they trained together, and that fight will be down the road. Good thing is, they're both still young...

To be honest, I've only watched BJ Penn fight Hughes on the would be a good fight though..

I know're just not a Faber Fan....

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QUOTE (dajogejr @ Jun 3 2008, 12:40 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=1750I know're just not a Faber Fan....

i am a fan of all mma....its just it bothers me when i guy calls himself the best in the world without facing the best in the world. i think Faber is definetly good but word on the streets is BJ schools him bad in training. and thats probly why he will never move up in weight. he will just be content with beating 145 pounders in the WEC. he did get TKO'd by Tyson Griffin in the past and makes no effort to rematch. when asked in the post fight conference if he was going to move up to 155 he said "no there still talent left at 145 for me". then they askes him if he would be interested in fighting Miguel Torres(the 135lb champ that fought in the co main event) and he said "no he still has people he needs to fight in his weight class".......i am sorry but it sure sounds like dude is trying to protect his record by only taking fights that are talor made for him

i like guys who are always trying to make big fights happen
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You have your ear WAY closer to the ground than I do...

I agree...challenge yourself....and make the challenges for the fans.

Torres was a bean pole, he could easily move up 10 lbs and I'd really like to see that fight as well.
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Don't watch it, just see the random clips on sportscenter. That said I saw what Kimbo Slice did to whoever he fought, damn he got his sh*t broke.
bj penn schooled pulver. He was completely dominating in there fight. I'm a big Faber fan, but he needs to mature and learn alot before he calls a big dog like Penn. WEC competition is no where nere the level the UFC is at. With new and younger fighters coming up it is getting better and better.

The two main events were great in my opinion.
QUOTE (dajogejr @ Jun 2 2008, 10:40 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=1750Faber's explosive fighting vs. Penn's ground game would be a great match.... as said though, they trained together, and that fight will be down the road. Good thing is, they're both still young...

To be honest, I've only watched BJ Penn fight Hughes on the would be a good fight though..

I know're just not a Faber Fan....

dude I'm sorry but if you think for a second that faber has a chance with bj I think your way off IMO ofcourse, I think now that bj has his cardio together and is stand up is waaaaaaay under rated theese days, he is gonna be tough to beat in that wight class!!!

One more thing is anyone with me on this one Bisbing vs A. Silva!!!!! I am sick of watching Bisbing fight nobodies and get [censored]y and mouthy he just fought at 185 and now I think its time he fight a real fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I admitedly have not seen Penn fight in some time. He didn't impress me against Matt Hughes, and I KNOW that was a LONG time ago!!

All I gotta say is bring it on....I think all the hype around Faber from WEC will make UFC some good money and gather some attention for them.
It's not like Faber is gonna go in and not at the very least give a very good show, and perhaps surprise some people...who knows.

That's one good thing about MMA...anything can happen to or from anyone. All it takes is one shot. I kept waiting for Pulver to crack him one time with that left of his....
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