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Atoka money runs saturday night pro-1 quads

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I have some cool videos to post. I'll get them up Monday night!!!!!

Heres one of Raptor trent winning his race. Trent your bike moves the sand!!!!!!!!!!
Trent this ones for you, even though you spanked me in the trophy class......

View attachment Good_one_of_raptor_trent_near_lane_wins__atv_011.MOV
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good job bobby running good 4 the first time on the track keep working on it bro you almost to the 3's and if that thing pics up on gas like your other motor , people are in some trouble , 4.25 chopping the throttle sweet
Sweet vids, finally got to show the parents wtf i'm spendin all the money on, although it wasn't even my bike.

You didn't get the clutched run? hahah
Congrats Bobby and thanks for sharing the vid's.
Hey Bobby Congrads.. And thank your other half for getting us those great videos. Very nice..

Thanks Bobby for posting the vids and thank your wife for making the vids. I did not win a darn thing, got third in pro one and fourth in pro two. I just wish there were more than two four strokes in the pro one class. lol
Jimmy Evans has his big NOS suzuki powered LT 500 and one of his boys built a rigid yfz 450. Give them a little while and you will have your hands full!!!!

Trent did you notice the crazy amount of sand your displacing after your bike goes about 10 feet? Its impressive!! I analyze these videos from beginning to end. Good stuff here.

Thanks for letting me win some money in the pro-1 class for a change!!!!!!

Thanks for all the props on my victory!!! I spend the money wisely!!!!!
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Bobby, I dont think anyone has ever LET you win anything.. You are one of the best. It is allways a pleasure racin with you. I got my new sidewinder smartchain and tiII sprocket in today. Now all I need is some of them 80 roll out tires. I havent found any yet. Fullerton Sandsports is tryin to get me some. Maybe I will have them before the next races.
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