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i had nothing to do , so i took some vid's from the site and put them together. if its OK with ziggy, i would like to put it on you tube, but thats up to him. if not i Will take the atvdrag of and post it, if its OK with the the persons that posted the vids. it's just a start , i did it in 30min but I'm working on a better one ,thats probably going to take a week


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thanks I'm working on a better one , the racers at the back yard drags, give me your screen names .i no some but not all, i will put your screen names at the ending credits
NICE JOB!!! i like it alot!! Im anxious to see your "better" one, that was pretty damn good!!
That was a good video!!
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MAN what an awesome video clip!!!
I love the slow-mo clips, it really lets you see just how wicked some of these machines get!!!!
Killer job!!
thanks, i don't know who the flag man is ,but he's going to be famous. he was getting the job done (lol)
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