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banshee whelie bar pics ???

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any one have pics of a wheelie bar and how it mounts to a banshee frame.....

dave.. did u ever get urs made ??
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I can get a picture of a bar i made for the 450 but plan on using it on my shee and 450 i will just make a different top bar.
Here are a few pic's.

The little tabs @ the top i had to put on @ the last minute becasue it was moving alot and i didn't like it.

But i will be changing it before i run it again.

This was my first bar i made and was just winging it.
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QUOTE (dajogejr @ Jun 11 2008, 06:34 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=2552Still using my loaner, good thing...I'm tapped out....

Do I need to call Tyson for that bar adapter thing of yours I was admiring? If so, what's the phone number?
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Bump this to the top, lookin to have one made and need some ideas. still haven't decided on a swinger length, is there a way to make one that has alot of adjustment in it?
You can have one made with like 1 1/2" thread on your heims that will give you quite a bit of adjustment's.

Then you could make one with extra hole's where the heims would mount and give you a coarse adjustment and then use the heim thread's for a fine adjustment.
This is the one i made for my Honda... It would be simple to make one for a shee , maybe go off the grab bar mounts with duel top bars??? or if you wanted to weld a bar into the top like i did on my 250R you could run a single top...

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Here ya go homie!!

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how do u like ur bar ,jt ??
have u got use to it ??
love it man!! not really any faster, but you can be alot more consistent!! one less thing to think about when ya are on the line!!
I made my bar like Ziggy said and you can't even tell it is back there, well other than not having to let off.
only time I know its there is when it hooks a rut and sends the bike one way or the other.
bobby i may have to hit u up when i get my shee runnin... u think u could make me one ??? hmmmm ... please
Yes i can Rico but i will need all kinds of measurements for it to be perfect with out me having the bike.
o.... lol I off the radar on this one.
Rico...I'll get you pics of my setup as well.
I really gotta clean and paint my setup....
I finally got a chance to cut and customize my top inner/outer tube for the height adjustments I need. I can put it on the ground now....or 2 foot in the air within 20 or 30 seconds...very easily.
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good to hear ya got it working though!
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