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not tryin to high jack... ive been getting my 4mill cub back together for this season, ive actually ended up using the bigbore inframe shearers, ive dyno'd tested countless pipes at this point including small bores oof and 3 sets of custom sets mat has sent over. the bigbores on a 4mill made the most peak 98hp as well as torque 48-50 it did only rev about 9200-9300 but made 6 or 7 more hp on the front side of the curve then the small bores, small bores made 96ish lil less torque but hit 10,000. that motor may end up being a asphalt only motor using the small bores and tryin to peak around 10500 and over rev close to 11000. youd want the pipe that comes on the hardest being the race is only 300ft if the bigbores came on harder then the smalls but didnt make as many rpms,id take the big bores
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