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man bobby I cant believe you got out of drags for this..


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Heck ya them things GO DEEP......

Beside's its a sport i will be faster
i saw a polaris ranger last week that tall, someone in town has it... it was stupid tall, im tellin u these ******** can fab some $h!t p !!!

theres a guy here and town that is runnin suki samari runnin gear on his 4+4.... i like 40 in tires
Look at the powerplant on that thing
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Thats a red neck with way too much money!!!!
I'm wanting to do the same thing. Would love to find somebody to trade my drag bike for a 4by4. Sweet bike. Like the tall skinny ag tires
id like to have a 4+4 for muddin , but u tear to much sh#t up..... i think i spend enough onthe 2 bikes i already have..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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