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big lick atv drags oakboro nc

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i was out getting some parts and was tipped about a track that was ruining there to day. so i checked it out ,its a really neat track and good people . if any one is close to the track should check it out they probably had 100 bikes there .I'm going next month its about a 2 hr drive 4 me this is a vid of some of the action ,its not that grate all i had was a digital camera that my wife had with ( btw) don't think the bikes in the vid r slow be cause of the renegade, they were turning good times .the renegade was just that fast it was sporting a set of turbos thats Right twin turbos it wasn't 60ft'ing that great but it was head hunting on the big end don't know what to say if they get that 60ft worked out


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How fast was the Reney running time wise????
QUOTE (THEBOM @ Aug 17 2008, 03:31 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=8410How fast was the Reney running time wise????
Thats my boys from JMD on the banshees. that can am is making over 200hp now, can't wait to see how he runs this year
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