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braceless wheelie bar.

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im curious and ive always wanted to try this has anyone ever made a wheelie bar without cross bracing? what i would like to do it use heims at the end that attach to the carrier and the frame, and then use rod ends at the back were the wheel would attach with an axle. sort of a universal setup i could take with me from bike to bike.

id use spacers to get the lower bars, wheel and heims lined up to the carrier and then run the upper bars to the frame straightening them up on a bracket that mounts to the frame.

could this be done seeing the wall size of the materials most of you use i think it could be using .75 bars 5/8 heims and .12 wall material. figure that should be strong enough for it to work. (maybe alittle on the heavy side)
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I tried not using cross brace's and the bar would twist really bad, in turn it let the rear wheel go where ever it wanted to.

Here is a pic of the one i just did for my shee.

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Cross bracing where? Between the lower two bars or between the top and bottom bars?

I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want bracing anyways, it doesn't add much weight but increases the structural integrity of the bar, preventing it from twisting, etc. like Bobby mentioned.
more trying to keep it universal, plus not having the mix to weld moly handy.

bobby is that a pocket bike wheel/tire. did you just add the two braces on the bottom and it corrected your issues?
Yes i put the 2 brace's on the bottom and it stops the twisting.

no i got that wheel setup from carolina shaker i forgot what he said it came off of but i tell you what that little wheel works just as good as the big one and it is lighter.
nice bar bobby... to bad u arent closer , id drop my bike off durin the winter so u could mock me one up...
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QUOTE (kawiking @ Sep 9 2008, 07:31 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=10441nice bar bobby... to bad u arent closer , id drop my bike off durin the winter so u could mock me one up...

Well we could meet half way somewhere.
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maybe i ll make a run to columbia mo, this winter.... have to check
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