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car nitrous kit on atv. possible?

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subject sums it up. I have some car nitrous kits on hand can i use them on my wheelers? I know i will need to rejet and get a nozzle but can it be done? I figure i can sell a ten pound bottle(or keep for refilling) and get a 2.5LB pretty easy. i see alot on ebay for pretty cheap.

just curious if the seloniods are different for the powersports systems.
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As far as I know, nitrous solenoids are nitrous solenoids...the key would be getting the right nozzles, fuel pump, WOT switch, and jets. I think it could be done as long as you know what you're doing, lol

But I honestly think by the time you buy everything individually that you'd need to complete it, you'd be better off selling your 10lb bottle and current solenoids and buying a kit, I think they average 5-600 bucks. Just my opinion
at first i was thinking the same, but its only about 200.00 in stuff with what i already have all nos components.

selonios seleniod is what i was thinking, the usually use the same nozzle from what i can tell (but my stuffs on a plate)
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