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We will be offering 3 different classes during the GRUDGEFEST in November at Macon National Dragway. The classes will be listed below with the rules stated with them. Some chassis maybe subject to ground clearance check depending on the wheel base and interference. Classes must have a minimum of 6 entries to be ran, payouts will be given to the 1st and 2nd place winners and split in a 70/30 pay out, amount will be based off of the amount of entry dollars collected.

Gates open at 10am, A riders meeting will be held at 1pm sharp, Classes to begin at approx 2pm.

Classes and Rules:

1) "TRUE STREET" Stock Chassis= chassis is to be of OEM configuration with only bolt on items in factory given mountable areas permitted. Removal of any areas are permitted, welding and/or attachment of any non-factory area are prohibited.

2) "THE CUB CLUB" Cub Cylinders= This class is designated for a cub cylinder only, any chassis modifications and/or the use of an aftermarket chassis is permitted. This is a NON-POWER ADDER class.

3) "OUTLAW PRO MOD" Run Whatcha Brung= This class is designated for anybody who thinks they got what it takes to be on top of the game.

****This event will be based on a N/T (No Times Shown) basis. At no time will any times be shown except for any attempts of setting the ATVDRA records. The N/T rule will be in effect for all classes ran. Any record attempts must notify the officials so the time boards can be activated, failure to perform this will result in the loss of a recorded time regardless of the performed ET.
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