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Cutting every other dog

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Does cutting every other dog on a banshee tranny help shifting ?

My bike just doesn't shift it's under power . I dont want an overide yet till i get the engine tuned right.

what would cutting the dogs do ? , i already have the shift star done . It ran fine before but now i changed cylinder setup which make the bike alot faster and now it shifts [censored]>>all.... lol

any other ways the help shifting ?
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QUOTE (Jack @ Jul 24 2008, 04:19 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=6392any other ways the help shifting ?

buy a honda.......................jk

YES, by removing every other spoke from the adjoining sprocket, it will engage the gears easier. However, if you shift hard without a clutch, your tranny wont last long.
why dont u want to get a overide ?
Get a dunable override... Shifts like a normal override, but has the forgiveness of a regular tranny.

And get a lockup as well.
i have done those trans mods often its a lot harder than done those gears are very very HARD. you need to take 3 dogs of of EVERY gear that has them they will shift great under full power and a very light slip of the clutch i used to do these on mx bikes they work great the DONT break any easier than a std trans almost all other trans designs use 3 dogs nowadays.. the bike still wont shift for do do if you let off and get back on just hold it full throttle and clutch~shift it may take some practice. make sure you have NEW shifter, adjuster, and adjuster spring and the shifter is in perfect alignment. its absolutely NOT and override it can be backloaded at full throttle beat up smashed and droped out of the back's of trucks with no damage ( hehe)

last one i did was in a 421 cub that made 105hp shifted great under full power with a lockup. no its not the same as an override. if your a dunner i;d say get a duneable override i still dont quite trust a duneable in tight trails without override experience, or mx racing...
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If you're riding a cub or other CP cylinder with 104 HP in tight trails and/or MX racing, I'd say you need to have your head examined anyways...
Yeah it can be done, but you can also take a top fuel dragster to the grocery store....there are just better ways...
I did mine on my 440 cheetah. I had a -2 shifter and it was next to impossible to shift under load successfully. After the mod, along with the shift star and shift shaft mod, it shifted "ALMOST" as good as my Honda's.

I was able to hold some tension upwards against the shifter, then just "blip" the throttle and it would shift...almost like an override.

The guy I sold the bike to said he had never had a tranny shift so well in the 10+ shee's that he's owned.

A great place/person to do this mod is dave moore (DMR) or chad steinbach (LongHill)
are you cutting the nubs off of the gears or the engagement parts down in side of the gear??
if that made any sense lol...
QUOTE (badassbanshee479 @ Jul 31 2008, 03:58 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=7090are you cutting the nubs off of the gears or the engagement parts down in side of the gear??
if that made any sense lol...

NO, you dont cut the dogs off. Each sprocket they engage have 6 spokes. You cut out every other spoke, leaving only 3, just like a Honda tranny.

This widens the space the dogs have to engage it and make it easier for them to mesh.

I can tell you this. If you speed shift the bike a lot or you slam gears hard all the time, you WILL eventually round off the dogs or break them. THe cure for this once youve done the mod is to have the tranny gears cryo'd.......worries are over then.
thats what I thought, but I figured I would make sure!

I wanna do this to my play bike
Tell Evan after last night he owes you a discounted dunable override for being the pit crew at his crib...LOL.
lol... I am gonna store that favor for a rainy day
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