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Dark Knight

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Anybody see this flick yet??
Just saw it last night, Joker stole the show. I'm sure the tragic death of Ledger boosted ticket sales a little....but he flat out steals this movie as a ranting, raving lunatic....

Long movie...but damn it was AWESOME!!!

They've gotten away from the cartoon/kid version of Batman and gotten into real plots, dialog and deeper thinking....Nolan is the chit!!!
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Not yet but i really want to see it now.
My girl's 16 year old son had plans with a buddy to go out last night, it got canceled last minute and he was, told him we'd go.
2.5 hours for the movie....

Honestly, probably one of the top 5 movies I've EVER seen, and I've seen a LOT of movies...LOL.

Nice thing was, it was a 10 PM show, it was 4.25 per ticket (nearly shat myself, usually it's 8 bucks plus) and there was probably 20 people total in the was nice....

They got rid of that dumb bimbo Katie Holmes at Rachel Dawes, Maggie Gylennal (spelling) plays her....TONZ better.

Don't want to tell you anything, it'll ruin it....but there are a few scenes where I just looked in amazement and said WTF to myself!!!
I just watched Batman Begins for the first time last night,
Kinda behind the times, but wow what a cool movie. Makes me look forward to Dark Knight (when it hits tv in 5 yrs). lol
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I seen that Dark Knight, its definitely a cool movie. I was amazed at the joker. He played one strange character. It (joker - batman) reminded me of the Samuel Jackson - Bruce Willis show Unbreakable. Cool show! BUT, my favorite of the year so far is Get Smart.
i was readin that pretty much the only complaint the critics have is how he talks when he is batman.... witch i thought that in the last movie.... he talks like hes demonic when he gets mad.i still like michael keeton as batman !!
man, now I wanna see it!
ive heard alot of people say the joker was bad a$$
i just finished watching it. my only comp[alin is you cant download it in HD yet lol.... very good movie!
QUOTE (bansh-eman @ Aug 5 2008, 04:53 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=7535i just finished watching it. my only comp[alin is you cant download it in HD yet lol.... very good movie!

Yup, Got my copy last night. Now just need to find time to watch it.
Haven't seen it yet but trying to one of these days! Been waiting on it since Batman Begins! That's a good flick too!
I saw it last weekend in LA. Bad [censored] movie.
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