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I'm just glad it never made it to a jury would be next year before it was over.

Guy had a lot of promise, can take the thug out of the ghetto, can't take the ghetto out of the thug.

It's not over....there's going to be a lot more things drug up from him and his administration. Friends, family...etc.
It's a whole crooked mess.

4 months in the Pen. They say with good behavior, 75 days. Here's the real thing. That is what is being recommended from the prosecution.
His sentence hearing is in October....the judge by NO means has to abide by this recommendation. I would love if the judge slaps his ass with a few years. He can not appeal this in a county court, it has to be appealed at the higher level (MI Supreme court)...

I'm just glad that smug, ghetto hood rat is gone. Too bad they only dinged him for 1 million. He's stole 20 times that from the city via family/friends being hired, travel, contracts, etc.
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