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Lost interest in racing wanting a new project too many parts to list. For info please call 979-482-7342 my name is a.j. also if you have a pic phone I can send pics to you available upon request.

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alright guys here is a list of what i have on my part out list......

chfrome stock a arms........250.00 plus ride

chrome stock spindles......75.00 plus ride

chrome steering stem......150.00 plus ride

chrome tie rods......50.00 plus ride

chrome fender brackets....20.00 plus ride

chrome foot pegs.....35.00 plus ride

chrome motor mounts upper and lower.....60.00 plus ride

chrome radiator bracket....30.00 plus ride

chrome swing arm bolt.....35.00 plus ride

dg alloy front bumper....30.00 plus ride

hide a key.... 10.00 plus ride

lowering link...20.00 plus ride

msr clutch lever....10.00 plus ride

rear brake res. polished.....45.00 plus ride

thumb throttle slight polish....20.00 plus ride

dog bone polished.....40.00 plus ride

marvin shaw hill shooter shocks all 3...... 300.00 plus ride

complete banshee bolt kit polished.....50.00 plus ride

polished stock radiator with chrome cap....50.00 plus ride

stock banshee seat black and blue.....75.00 plus ride

full bore front plastic with billet inserts and custom paint job....350.00 plus ride

banshee complete wiring harness not cut up from kill switch to tai light 100.00 plus ride

g force 2+2 rear axle.....75.00 plus ride

stock gas tank with pingle valve....65.00 plus ride

black stock radiator with cap.... 40.00 plus ride

+10 swing arm with brake line and chain stock style carrier type and link set up powder coated black....200.00 plus ride

shearer oof left side exit stingers sf bb no dings or dents.....350.00 plus ride

stock throttle cable.... 10.00 plus ride

clutch cable.....10.00 plus ride

banshee stock frame with docs powder coated hot pink......200.00 plus ride

handle bars powder coated hot pink....15.00 plus ride

stock front hubs powder coated hot pink....30.00 plus ride

stock rear hubs powder coated hot pink.....25.00 plus ride

stock style rear carrier powder coated hot pink.....30.00 plus ride

front brake calipers powder coated hot pink......40.00 plus ride

rear caliper powder coated hot pink....20.00 plus ride

disc brake complete hub is powder coated hot pink.....15.00 plus ride

rear sprocket complete hub is powder coated hot pink....20.00 plus ride

sls 12 paddle skat trak haulers 72 ro on itp wheels.....350.00 plus ride

sls 21buffs with itp wheels.....200.00 plus ride

also have the billet series parts from cascade its the skull and cross bones gas cap. throttle cap .pb block off .front brake res cap .rear brake res cap.handle bar clamp. and water pump cover. the whole set ride

im pretty sure thats all i have for now guys if you have any questions please feel free to call me @(979) 482-7342 also if you buy multiple parts i can make you a good deal. thank you and paypal or money order only
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