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Wutup guys?? Dropping thru with an invite. Check us out >>

Friends who race & roost Pismo Beach started this forum & it's strictly for duners, it's going to be badass..
Not only is it for atv riders, it's for all duners of all sorts, atvs, bikes, utv's, sandrails, 4x4's etc.
And it's not just for Cali duners though they're most of our members but it's for all duners accross the states.
I know we don't have much on there as the site just launched and we're reaching the 100th member mark,
But feel free to join us add to it, help us push the sand movement! My user name there is QuickSand!

Thanks to Ziggy for allowing my post! Thanks to Dajogejr for always helping a brotha out!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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