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I put my AMR 730cc Kawasaki V-force on a Superflow car dyno yesterday in Industry, TX and below are my results. Ok, so I'll be the first to say that these numbers are unbelievable. First off, these numbers are much higher than my old Twin Peaks 800 numbers (which had AMR ported heads, LTEs, programmable CDI, etc.). Yesterday, the best run I had was 90.1 rwhp and 64.7 lbs of torque. Yes, I know...unbelievable.

Below is a dyno sheet from the last run of the day (yes, I know the a/f ratio is not great...ran out of jets and need to order a few more). For what its worth, I had several runs in the 88 and 89 peak hp range. These were all motor runs (no nitrous).

Below are the pics... (in case you are wondering, I'm the ugly guy in the black t-shirt and the other guy in the white t-shirt is the owner/operator of this dyno)

So what do you guys think?

Happy trails...
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