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hello everyone. I used to hang around PS until they started charging and since Ziggy was so nice to start this board and I used to run with him I figured I would join up to have another place to hang out. I also have known kevin (GPracerX) for several years and JSR Perfomance has been my engine builder since I bought a Banshee. John and I have been friends for many many years and he does the best work, IMO, on Banshee's.

I am currently working with Kevin (GPracerX)and John to get the Fuel Injection installed on my Banshee so I can run E85 and stop paying 8-10 bucks a gallon for fuel. I will keep everyone posted of the progress of this project and i am sure kevin will post dyno sheets of the end result of the modifications.

I am a duner at heart but I am a wierd one, I run a MX short bike and love it. I am not big into the dragging or long bikes but everyone is different. Here are a few pics of mine and I hope to meet some of you guys in person someday.
here I am coming down Banshee Hill at WINCHESTER BAY Oregon.

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