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In order to help members buy and sell items via our forums, we're going to establish a few ground rules to help everyone.

1. PLEASE post an asking price. It will cut down on how much, etc., and if you want a bid war, use ebay please.

2. Please post pictures. This is 2009. Everyone has or has access to some type of camera or camera phone to take pictures. If you need help resizing pictures, posting and/or uploading pictures, please ask a member of the mod staff, we'll gladly help.

3. NO COMMERICAL Items without a paid site sponsorship or prior approval of the site owner, Ziggy. Please use common sense on this one. If you're selling a used part off your personal bike, fine. If you happen to have 10 new items on the shelf....etc.
There is a separate forum for site sponsors to sell their items and services.

4. Please sell your OWN not sell for other folks. This is a free site to all members and there is no excuse for selling your cousin's ex-room mates locked up Uncle's boost bottle. If they don't have a computer or are computer "challenged"...please keep in mind if YOU post something for sale, YOU are responsible for the sale, condition, price, etc. of that item....not the person you are "selling it for"...

5. Since this is a drag race site...please post pertinent information regarding HP or dyno figures if you have them, track times if you have them, etc. that will cut down a lot of questions. Obviously, we're not looking for 60 foot times for your pit bike for sale.

6. Trash talk or thread jacking. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you want to discuss specifics, save that for the open forums or via PMs. Do not jump on another's for sale thread to post your opinion about how it should run, how you beat him at the track a few weeks ago, etc..

7. Low balling. Won't be tolerated either. It leads to trash talking. Most of us in this game know what stuff is worth. If you want to work a deal...or simply want to inform a member that the item they are selling realistically won't sell for what they are asking, please use PMs.
Telling a member their bike they want 5K for won't sell for 3K where you live isn't helping anyone...which leads me to....

8. Courtesy... please, let's give each other the benefit of the doubt and the courtesy you'd like to receive yourself.

Please remember is the web, world wide web I might add. Demographics will ALWAYS play a part in any market. A bike worth 3K in the midwest might be worth 5 K on the west coast. So...again, keep the personal opinions to yourself, or via PMs.

If you have any questions or would like to report abuse of the system at any time, please contact any member of the site staff for help.

Thank you and good luck!!!!
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