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Hello guys

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Hey guys, nice to get on here and know who is here.
From the first time I saw Daves shirt at the rain out in Ionia I wanted to be here and see what was going on. You guys were great friday, and my kids are stoked to have cool stickers on their bikes for the midget class.
Thanks again Dave for the shirt and stickers, I had a bunch of people asking me about it in the staging lanes.
Hopefully we will see you guys again, looked like you were flying out there!!
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Welcome to the site!
nice to have u on the forum. great to see ur gettin the kiddos into the sport.
welcome aboard!
welcome !!
Absolutely my pleasure, and it was good to see you again last weekend.
I wish we could've stayed Saturday, but both Frank and I had plans on Sunday that just could not be broken, and I knew it was going to be a late night....

Welcome to the site...thanks for signing up...spread the word...

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I don't know who is going or might be there already, look for me this weekend at Primm. I'll have the official ADR shirt on at least on night and try to get some pics near the casino!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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