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Hey Yo....

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New guy here. Stopped by and stalked for a few days then decided to sack up and start posting. Great site fellas. Lots of info here. Looks like it is taking off fairly quickly. A little info about me.... Started mostly dunning with an old beat up 87' Banshee couple years ago. Last year I tore it down for a frame off restoration and had some minor (very minor) engine work(ported 350). A few months before that I began sand dragging and fell in love with the sport. Now I am currently building a suspended drag bike with a chromo Lonestar chassis. The build is almost as fun as riding it. The financial aspect of it sucks though. Anwyay, Just wanted to say hey and apologize early for all of the stupid questions I'll be asking along the way during the build. LOL! Thanks for putting up a solid web site. I'll try and get some picks of my slow crap on here soon.
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Welcome to the site
Welcome, and yes the financial part of it is a [censored] unless your Travis and don't have to worry about those things (bigboybanshee)
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I have already given Travis money if its the same person I think it is. Power Pro OOF drag pipes from PS. That would come as no suprise to me.
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