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honda frame

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im just thinking about a new project i want it to be all honda but im not sure what the best frame to use would be
maybe a trx450r or an older trx250r frame. i want to put a cbr engine in it and slam it to the ground and extend it a little and
go have some fun.

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450r frame s are a little cheaper to find and the new frames are round tubing compared to the old trx 250r s that were square
ok thanks i havnt ever started this big of a project before and im not really sure were to start. i think a complete bike and a rolling quad chassis is the best way to go. but should the chassis or the motor come first. im thinking just buy parts as i build too so i dont end up with a bunch of different things going on and i have alot of time so that doesnt really matter. what about weight and strenth of the 2 frames

over all the 450 frames should be lighter and i know there stronger

it may come down to how good of a deal you can get on something... you cant go wrong either way
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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