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In fact, it is proven that changing the cooling water is not up to standard will cause great harm to the cooling system and the engine. So how often does the car coolant have to be changed?
What is cooling water?
Motorcycle coolant acts as a bridge to transfer heat from the engine body to the cooling tank. The quality of the cooling water will affect the effectiveness of the cooling system. Therefore, if there is not enough cooling or if the cooling capacity is insufficient, the parts will overheat, reducing the life of the engine, excessive temperature also loses the lubricating effect of the lubricant. At high temperatures, lubricants will burn, pistons will be trapped in cylinders, causing gasoline engines to explode.At this point, the engine coolant will show its role, which is to help transfer heat from the engine body to the cooler. The quality of the cooling water will greatly affect the cooling efficiency of the system.

There are a variety of engine coolants, the old green to the new one now having a blue color typical of Mercedes and BMW cars. This type of coolant helps to protect the engine from overheating, keeps the temperature within permissible limits, and prevents engine wear from the inside.

When should the coolant be changed?
Maintaining the correct coolant solution, replacing or adding it as needed is vital to the engine and the life of the vehicle. Engine coolant is not filtered water used in everyday life but is a specialized liquid with the main ingredient is purified water combined with ethylene glycol to act as heat transfer and anti-evaporation additives. , corrosive.

As recommended by the manufacturer, users should check the engine coolant tank regularly to make sure the water level is always within safe limits and that the tank is not leaking. After about 40,000 km of operation, the cool water should be replaced and the cycle repeated with the same travel distance.There are temperature indicators on all vehicles. When the light is on, make sure the car's cooling system is having problems and need to check the cooling water tank and engine oil immediately.

The selection of coolant should pay attention to three common types of coolant blue, pink (SLLC) and red (LLC) .... The difference is because of the additives mixed with the main solution. . With blue and pink water, users do not need to mix, but pour directly into the tank, while red water needs to be mixed with filtered water at a ratio of 50:50.

Do not mix the coolant together, the same color coolant should be mixed with the solution that the engine is using during maintenance times.

Filtered water or other types of water used in natural activities contain many different impurities such as limestone deposits, metals ... Therefore, when entering the cooling system at many heights can cause the residue to close in the water tank. reduced heat dissipation performance. Bottled mineral water is also unsafe because it still contains substances that can cause deposits.

So what do you think?
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