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gettin her ready for the motor to go in !!

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Your getting there bro .Keep wrenching i wanna see the finished product.
looks good.
whats the hold up on the engine? lol
that cub is going to spin those razr looking
tires like crazy.
99banshee.. is gettin the head studs out and double checkin everything... then the motors goin it. brian(99) set up my carbs for alky.. so im goin to let him dial them in at his shop in paris..
I need to get mine running so we can hit the river,Looks Good!!!
QUOTE (Simply Wicked @ Sep 14 2008, 05:32 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=10739I need to get mine running so we can hit the river,Looks Good!!!
i just got my motor.. gettin ready to throw it in....

i saw ur yfz up there at performance atv ,jimbo
hope u get it together soon... my whole bike should be there mon,or tues to dial everything in...
lookin good man!!! get er done!!
Is that one of the new phantom 421 cubs?? lol

It makes for the ultimate sleeper!

Get that motor in there already, Time isa wastin.
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its in... just tightenin everything down. i was waiting on my frame.. but i guess ur not sending it..
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these should be fun to purge.....

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Them dang bowls take forever to purge... but... they hold enough fuel to make a 300' pass with the fuel valve off...

yeah..... oops.. lol
Looks good man, i can finally jump back on mine now that we won't get pounded by a damn hurricane
Lookin' good Rico!
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thanks travis and sean.. now .. which one to use. hmmmmm
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1 - 20 of 252 Posts
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