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Lightening and Streching Frame

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What is a good price to have all this done to a stock A Arm frame?

Cut off all the extra supports, uprights, rear subframe, tabs, etc. Fab a lightweight subframe, front engine mounts, lower engine mounts, lower cross brace and stretch the front end 4 inches

Also another ??? If you added +4 to the frnt would you bring the rear back in any? I was thinking about running a +12 rear with a bone stock frame but now wonder if i stretch the front would that be too much on the rear?

And one more big ??? Would adding +4 to the front even be worth it? or would you guys just stick with +12 out the back and have it all chopped and lightened?

Its going to be used for hillshooting and flat drags. I'm 190 but plan to loose 10-15 more lbs. 421 cub drag ported alky all the regular junk for drag racing
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I have a +4 in the front and +6 +8 +12 arms for the rear. The chassis is an old school XULW lonestar. All I can tell you is +4 is a drag chassis. If your planning on hooking up hard outta the hole then I'd go more out the front. Mine rode the wheelie bar very hard at +4. Loads of fun if you like to ride the 100 yard wheelies!!
My rigid chassis is 30 something inches out the front and +8 in the rear. It carries the front end 80% of the track. Its not violent on the wheelie bar like the short chassis is. Even with a +12 arm the short chassis slammed the bar hard.

Maybe others will voice their opinions. Good luck, I would go +10 minimum.....thats my opinion.
I would agree....Turbo, but he's gonna hillshoot.
I don't know how that skews the chassis extension balance...
So you think even a +12 out the back wouldnt offset it enough? Keep in mid i am not going to be riding tracks. Its hillshooting and flat drag at Pismo.
Running a longer arm will require more tire in the back since there is no weight back there.

Like Bobby said going a little out front dont do awhole lot, if nothing else and you want to go out front get some forward a arms and then go with the longer arm in the rear and dont make it to far off the ground keep it as low as you can with out draggin your feet or slamming it on the ground if you do wheelie it when it hook's hard.

But then again that is just me.

It's funny seeing these long bike's @ the track and they are still carring the tires the half way down the track.
i was kinda of wondering about just leaving it the stock length and just doing the +12 out the back and lightneing the frame up... but wasnt sure if sticking the front out any would do much. oh well i will probly stay stock.

So with that said, what is a good price to cut and lighten the frame with all the stuff mentioned in the first post?
I'd get Tim to do it, he seems to have done a heck of a job on the HQ bike. No clue on the price though I wacked all of my own stuff off.
Or you could buy my bike.. I have a +14 lsr style hill chassis with a +14 ladder style arm, I will either be selling the complete bike minus the plastic,seat,clutch and electronics or parting it out if anyone wants enough of it to start parting out. I will let it go for $5000 as is or $2900 motor,carbs&pipes and $2300 for rolling chassis with new alum radiator,alum tank. Or maybe i will justpart it out but its an option for you. Italso has a JJ&A drag axle in it and i believe you were looking for one of those too correct? PM me if interested, im on the road for a week then i will be posting it on ebay.
i already got everything sry
just inquiring for a little work on mine
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I agree with turbo'll definitely give you a smoother ride and don't be afraid to go 10 or 12 inches out the front. 4 would be a waste of money IMO
So what do you guys think a good price is to lighten the frame and do all the extras i listed in the first post besides stretching it out?
I'll be able to give you a ballpark figure tomorrow night on the stretching, I'm going to be talking to someone at the track about doing pretty much the same thing you're wanting to do. The lightening isn't too bad, a good friend and I did my old stock frame. Sawzall is your friend if you want to save some money and do it yourself.
Have you talked to Tim (AZCUSTOMSQUAD) about any of this or having him do it. I know he's busy as hell right now but he can let ya know what's up.
yea I have talked to him, but I want to see what everyone else is paying before committing to only one person.

Travis, I have pretty much cut all the little stuff but I am looking to have all the big mounts like the lower support bar and the light bar support cut out and have some chromoly welded in plus have a subframe done too. I dotn have the right toold for the job.
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