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ahh good ole ls on an off weekend nothing like beating up on the stock bikes and the girlfriends.

why didnt you guys go over and follow those banshee's they went over to the smother strip up on the hill a ways..

full figured dude? hehehehhhahahaha..

round har we camm'em big ole boy.

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What, bad news, or full figured???? LOL just kidding.

Because, when you change posts, your taking a chance at changing how someone wants to be portrayed. For a mod to change a post to the way he sees fit, might be embarrassing for the poster. Embarrassment=anger, anger=leaving, and I wouldnt think anyone wants that. Its my opinion that if someone crosses the line, than it would be better to delete thier post and the posts leading up to that, to keep it fair.

Just a suggestion, not tellin anyone what to do.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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