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little sahara..

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u have to love sahara...

i counted 21 bikes on one of those races..
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that was a really fun weekend it was great to see so many banshee's back and less 4 pokes that were slow. loved it !!hated that my lil 350 had needle and seat issues and them my 10 mill was just screwed up completely found out later i broke the cases. whoops.

had a blast..

that lil guy at the begining of the vid in the massive wheelie was riding that bike like that the whole weekend. later we all moved down to a better ( flatter spot) and it got fast!
Why even have a flagger??? By the time his hand drops, half of them are half way down the track.
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u always have some jumpers... but thats what makes it fun... everybody who s whatchin knows who the jumpers are. but its all for fun ad nobody takes it to serious.

i like pullin out the ole kfx 400 and racing people.... its not real fast but if your on a bolt on 450 .. u better know how to ride... i will be right beside you !!!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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