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Here's a couple pics of my nephews bike. We suprised him Christmas morning with it, he was shocked and just kept saying "that's my bike?" Here's the story behind it, I took my mom to Laughlin last year for the PS west coast race, she saw a couple mini's and said my brother had to get my nephew one, so I found this one and drove to Port Barre, La to get this, a Eton 50 that has big bore cylinder and stroker crank and now displaces an astounding 71cc's
I tuned it down a little and on it's second pass went a 8.30, now mind you my nephew just turned 5 and it took him a little bit to figure things out, best pass with it choked back is a 8.21, I'm going to port the cylinder and make it run harder this season

When we got it

And what it looks like after I redid everything

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