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MX bike setup for 400' drags

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Im takin my yfz to the grass drags and am wondering how to setup my suspension. I have a long travel front houser elka setup just wondering mostly about ride hight, should i drop the quad as low as i can front to back like, or drop front only.
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Lower the bike, strap the front and back down

On the yfz's make the upper arms about flat in the frot, that will be about as low as you want it in the front and then make the rear match the front as close as possible.
What he said.......
thanks for the help, didnt know what a good setup was and have no time to test, hopefully this will help me launch i have a hard time keepin the front down through 1st to 3rd with the standard lenght swinger.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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