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My drag quad

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I will get some video's up in a bit.
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Hey, Cam.
I saw your dragger at the Planet Sand event last April.

Very nice job on it.. Still want to see it run at Rolling Thunder Dragstrip(1/8 mile) in Iowa.. Someday soon..
Yeah....I want to see that thing run good for you cam in the worst way. Can't wait to see it rippin' down the strip, sand or asphalt!!
that thing could be running on half the cylinders and still take my bike!! lol

Sweet ride man!
looks like a nice trail bike.

bad [censored] man.

censored eh? bad DONKEY man.
That's sick
whats ur best times so far ???
3.40 60' 1.1
that thing is insane!!!! badass for sure!!
what kind of paddles are those ?
i bet they HOOK.. lol
they are 10 paddle hookers and they do hook.
Lotta Pipes lol
that thing is a beast. how much more do you thing you can get out of motor? any vids?
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i remember watching you stage at brsd and was thinkin about how big of a pain it is when you stage with those monster tires!
id like to see some vids
Looks good Cam
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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