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My Latest 250R dyno chart

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Here is my little 250R motor. It's a OEM cylinder with a 4 mill LR crank. Ain't a big HP motor, but it is what it is.

Not making excuses, but while on the dyno, it was discovered that I had some bad axle bearings. Later that day, I also noticed that I had a mis-match between the carb and intake boot. I might have made another 1/2 horse if those had been fixed......

Fuel was TT111.
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That's worth posting for sure. Get that carrier fixed, and give us the update!
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does anybody have any stock stroke 250r dyno charts.
was that stock ignition or cr?
The stock ignition can make about the same power, but the curve is a little nicer with an ignition with more retard build in. Over 50hp is do-able with a stk stroke 250r, with the stock ignition, and inframe pipe/pump gas. And It can be done with a very nice power curve. The 4mm stroker crank is worth around 5hp on this size motor, if done corrctly. Even more fun is the fact that a well setup/tuned alky/4mm/drag piped/stk cyl 250r can outrun most drag 370 prox setups.
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It was a CR 2000 ignition with a Dyna FS programmable (but not programmed).

I have a complete write up on in the dyno section showing all the details.

On my last effort with this 250R, I was well on my way to making 58HP.... on gas. I then lost interest in this project and moved on to 4 strokes.

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