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My new whip

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Just picked it up...22 miles on it. Got to get the front windows tinted and the vent visors put back on....
Loaded it.

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i guess u said no to the diesel ?? nice truck !! i love my dodge, just got it paid off acouple of months ago (03')...

does urs have the cyln thing that will drop it to 4 when its not under load ? i love the new insides... my sister and bro in law got new dodges.... bro.. got a diesel, sister got a mega cab hemi.

i like the color ,dave..... u buy or lease it ?
Nice Dave i like it i forgot to ask you what you got on the phone, sorry had lockup on my Your gonna love that thing man i love my Dodge Quad Cab. The room inside is nice to have and they can pull a house.
I have 07 dodge also and love it. Wished i would have gotten it loaded though.
didnt u have a dodge quad cab , dave ??
Nice thats all i have ever owned.....Mopar or no car...
I had an 06..same truck. But...Chrysler financial isn't offering leases any more.
This has leather, auto start, side bars, and a few other options my old one didn't have...and I loved my old one.

But...06 doesn't have the lifetime power train warranty, this does. I'm leasing for 27 months, then buying it out right after.

I was going to get Silver again, but....for 5 bucks more a month (literally) I got this color.
It's a wash...this one with MORE options is actually cheaper but my insurance went up a little....
Just realized it's gonna match your banshee real good, just like how my bike matches my
can u tint ur front windows in mich... ??

i run limo tint on all my windows... i like the blacked out look.
Legally? No.
I've tinted the front driver and passenger window to 35% on both of my last two vehicles.

Knock on wood, never had a problem. But I drive reasonable (5 over or so) keeping up with traffic...
The key is not to give them a reason to pull you over....
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Nice Truck Dave......Why the red though...LOL!!!!
QUOTE (kawiking @ Aug 1 2008, 06:10 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=7199can u tint ur front windows in mich... ??

i run limo tint on all my windows... i like the blacked out look.

That explains alot Rico.....

And you know what they say.....Once you go Black.....LOL!!!!
Cause it matches my bike...LOL. J/K.
I had Silver for two years, I won't own another black vehicle as a daily driver...
This truck and a silver one had 95% of all the options on it I wanted....I was on a limited time schedule (Chrysler Financial announced they won't be leasing any more vehicles, effective TODAY...)

I like the color...
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big pimpin!!! I like this one more than the silver!!
i love my silver one... jt, i think im goin to have a little bag job done.. i want to bag it ... but not cut the frame. maybe bag it to look like a 2/4 or 4/6 drop ..then raises back to stock...
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