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Need asphalt drag stability help

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I have an 07 Raptor 700 that I built and put an 05 R1 engine into. I have it lowered with struts, a 12" extended arm out back, 21.5/10-10 American Racer rear tires, 3.50-10 skinnies up front, and a steering damper, and stock a-arms. Its really squirrely riding it in the parking lot though. Enough that I wouldnt trust going all out down the strip even with the damper. Ive heard that adjusting the camber helps stability although I havent done anything yet, and what is recommended to set "toe" at? Also thinking of adding a wheelie bar before going but havent been able to find one already made for a raptor 700. Any suggestions? Heres a pic also.

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