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new 7mm cub noise

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Hey guys I just took my cub out for the frist trip and after the first day of riding the next morning its was really cold and i have a noise coming from the motor and its kind like a card in the spokes king of noise that goes faster and slower with the rpm range tell the motor heats up is this just the pistons needing to warm up or any ideas. It goes away as soon as the motor is good and warm and it runs like a monster and I road it the hole day with no proablems.
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how cold? is it in gear or neutral? are you sure its in the motor and not travling up from the clutch basket or lock up if you have one?
it would be hard to tell you what it might be or is but id take your lockup cover off and look around the lockup just to make sure everythings tight.
why i suggest that is because I had a buddy whos bike made the same sound at the dunes and it ran fine went away and would come back ,well it ended up being the finger nuts and it tore alot of stuff up once it worked its way off!
the nuts that are considered the weights on the fingers that spin.
doesnt mean they wont work loose,,I gaurentee they can!! Ive seen it! just check those and make sure there might be your water pump or gear making that sound as you have a billet pump?
cool,,just tryin to think of the easy stuff it might be!
I doubt its pistions,,,,the noise wouldnt go away,,,mite be pistons hitting the tops of your domes!LOL .....has it done it since then?
and that should be braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppp brarrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp
1 - 9 of 33 Posts
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