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what up fellas figured I'd check out the site and see what's happenin'
Looks good, easy to navigate, I like it!

I see a lot of familiar screen names and look forward to hanging out

I run a parts store in New Baltimore Michigan and do some promoting
for the sport here and there
thanks Ziggy and Dave for letting me in on the secret free site
well it probably isn't such a secret anymore
I saw the link on sanddragcentral and appreciate you guys

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3,418 Posts's time to ramp up our security measures...we let anyone on here....oh wait, that's the point. LOL..

Good to see you...

Guys...when Rich says "some promoting"...he is severely understating that.

From announcing in the booth leaving us in stitches, to naming off ALL the sponsors for a given event...and he happens to find time to run his 3.50 ford Ranger down the 300 foot strip and up the hill at Silver Lake as well.
At his store and at the races, he always has fuel, oils & Chemicals, spark plugs, etc., for us racers. And he DOESN'T gouge on pricing....which is nice. He may just have a few stickers at his trailer/mini store at a few events...LOL.

He's been in the game longer than most, knows the faces and the players....and he's all for being organized, well treated...and mostly having fun!!!

Welcome Rich....
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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