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New guy from west ky

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Hi everyone my name is Kenny. I am kinda new to drag racing but i do have a lil knowledge. I just got a 1988 honda 250r that i am goin to start working on. I got it for $500 in about 6 boxes i got it together and it seems to run pretty good, well good enough that on my first ride i broke 5 of the bolts that hold the engine lol. Right now it only has a reed spacer, FMF reeds, FmF Fatty pipe and silencer. The kid that had it before me tried to flat track race it so it has been widened to 50" front and back and has had 1" took out of the swing arm. I cant wait to get in the garage and start working on it!
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welcome to the site..

hollar at carolina shaker ,or blasterman or sand trix.... 250 r based guys..
they are ok ,for honda guys.. lol
nice to see another 250r guy on here welcome
Welcome to the site.

sounds like you will have a nice build when your done.
Thanks alot guys for the welcome!

morse250r ifydont mind me asking how do you lik the 310?
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