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Newbie with a banshee

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Well I am a newbie to this board and atv's. I am a sandrail guy but bought a banshee this summer and love it!!I mostly dune it at the silver lake sand dunes but I have had it to Bobs raceway in clarksville MI and also to West Michigan Sand Dragway. It has run a best of 5.04 flat at WMSD but here is a timeslip from a trip to Bobs. The banshee has a lightened frame by tyson, 2-5 tyson override, t5's .020 overbore, stock stroke, +5mm long rod running on race gas with 16 cc domes. Stock carbs bored to 27.5 by me and the engine was also built by me. My buddy ported the exhaust and intake ports and after running a couple months I have now done some transfer porting although it has not yet been back to the track since. So these numbers are with stock transfer timing. I have also added a dynatech and a lockup since the last time I was at the track. Can't wait till next year. By the way it has a plus 6 swinger and 12 paddle haulers with 15/46 gearing. I bought the quad with a broken motor but most of the goodies were already on it.


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Good time for a basically unported motor on gas. Dang near perfect on that light assuming it was a 0.500 tree, just a little too quick. 60 ft time is way up there, but I don't know what is good for your setup.
Nice looking ride, wish mine looked that good.....
Hey'll see or have seen us at Clarksville, Ionia and WMSD all year....

In my humble opinion, 16 cc domes are simply too much compression for a sea level bike (we usually ride less than 800ft above)
It might come out of the hole like an animal...but with that much compression, the motor is fighting itself half track and on...18 to 19ccs might be better.

Need to make the switch to methanol if you're gonna be running the tracks too.
Please come up and say hello while you're at any of the MI tracks, me and my crew are always there.

badassbanshee479, fouledout421, brady080, doug austin, hoppersnos, blewbyu, alcoholbanshee, jdcustoms are just a few of the MI homies you'll meet.

A few years ago, I didn't know any of these guys, now they're all like family, literally....

Welcome to the site, and to the ever addicting sport of drag racing!!!
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Yea I kinda wondered about the dome size after reading what other guys are running, I have a set of 17cc domes that I ran most of the year. I have been into drag racing cars for years so I am not a newbie to the dragstrip but the quad thing is all new to me. Thanks for the advice maybe I will pick up another set of domes this winter.
Hello! I'm not an expert in all this yet, but I'm interested in such questions. I esteem your opinions, I think it will come in handy.
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