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I can't believe the B/Pro bike record, which has no motor cc limit is only 3.78 @ 81mph and why isn't Mike Brock's C/Pro bike record [email protected] not the B/Pro bike record? Could be that his wife has the other record but to me it should be switched so she has the C?pro and he has the B/Pro

Didn't someone at Little Sandy run a 3.71 with a bike under 550cc for the SSDRA B/Pro bike record in 2007 or 2008? I know the next guy that held it after me ran a 3.77 I believe.

I'm confused as the ATV records should be MUCH faster if there is only a wheelbase limit.

The A/Pro bike record should still belong to Mike Goodale who ran a [email protected] back in 2003. His record was posted in the NSRA record.

They need more ATV classes with more rules on what can be run in each class IMO.

Also wanted to point out that none of the SUPER times you hear from the Planetlame Sand drags are posted on any of these records, except for Jeff at his track. I know why that is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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