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ohtsu pro-wedge ll availability

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I was just told by my supplier they're discontinued.
I buy for a group of 5-7 riders. Usually 10 tires at a time twice a year @ $55 ea
I've got my guy doing a critical part search but may have to pay top dollar
Anybody know the reason/story behind this?
How about an organized effort to have them brought back?
Also I may purchase new ones if any body has availability
At22-11-8 pwll

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I managed to get two sets new so far.
My buddys trying kenda snow mad. They did very good the first 6 times out but Sunday my half used pro wedges got the best of him on a new steep climb that wasn't froze over just dirt. He's going to try duro snow tires next. We tried 4-snow years ago and they peeled over.

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